Our vineyards

Over 275 hectares of our own vineyards

Our estates, our land and our plots are a source of great pride to our family. Indeed, this is where we most get together, rather than in the winery. Year after year our vineyards offer us their best fruits to make each one of our signature wines. Ever since 1889, Bodegas Valdemar has dedicated all its passion and work to cultivating and caring for the vines, true to its philosophy of producing wines exclusively from its own vineyards.
Fincas Las Canteras y Las Seis Alhajas

Las Canteras y Las Seis Alhajas

Surface: 7,4350 has. Altitude: 448 m. Tempranillo, Graciano
Finca Balcón de Pilato

Balcón de Pilatos

Surface: 8,2103 has. Altitude: 480 m. Maturana
Finca Altos de Valdemar

Altos de Valdemar

Surface: 22,6781 has. Altitude: 491 m. Tempranillo, Sauvignon Blanc, Maturana
Finca Cañapomar


Surface: 4,6010 has. Altitude: 487 m. Tempranillo
Finca Bodega y alrededores

Bodega y alrededores

Surface: 4,7295 has. Altitude: 421 m. Mazuela
Finca La Recaja

La Recaja

Surface: 2,3076 has. Altitude: 440 m. Tempranillo y Viura
Finca del Marquesado

El Marquesado

Surface: 77,5445 has. Altitude: Mín. 528 m. / Max. 641 m. Tempranillo, Mazuela, Garnacha, Graciano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Viura
Finca Alto Cantabria

Alto Cantabria

Surface: 23,2664 has. Altitude: 489 m. Tempranillo, Tempranillo Blanco, Viura
Finca Valdegastea


Surface: 10,9138 has. Altitude: 476 m. Tempranillo

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