Valdemar Lands

Estate wines

The exquisite result of meticulous work on plots where the autochthonous grapes of Rioja are pampered to make the finest estate wines.

If there is anything that has marked our history, it has been the rigorous work done on our estates and plots. Seeking out and identifying those vineyards which, owing to their climate conditions, environmental attributes and varieties, provide us with wines that have a personality all their own. From among these wines, the Las Seis Alhajas, a varietal Graciano, and Balcón de Pilatos are particularly noteworthy. The latter is an extraordinary wine that represents the maximum expression of a variety as enigmatic as is the Maturana.

Extremely limited wines of an extraordinary quality. The fruit of dedicating the necessary time to researching and caring for each variety from its origin. The great satisfaction of creating exclusive wines.

La Recaja Tempranillo 2016
Las Seis Alhajas Graciano 2016
Balcón de Pilatos Maturana 2017