Commitment to Quality and the Environment

BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. is a winery located in the town of Oyón that makes, ages, bottles and markets wine under the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.

For a company like BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. to be able to offer products on national and international markets, it is necessary that considerations of Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management make their presence felt in all company activities and decisions and that all of its staff accept the fact that:

Each employee and collaborator is responsible for the Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management of their job.

The making of a product the quality level of which makes BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. a competitive company on the market, which observes current legislation and client contractual requirements, while at the same time maximising the quality of its wines and improving its surroundings as part of its commitment to environment friendliness is a strategic goal for the organisation.

Accordingly, BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. implements an Integrated Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management Policy that enables it to meet certain predefined general goals:

  • To ensure that BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. products meet client requisites and expectations, being safe and reliable, as well as all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To prevent problems caused by a failure to meet requirements, the use of defective products, documents or services, as well as the prevention of health risks for the general public.
  • Environmental Protection
  • To create a Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management framework by means of which it is possible to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System.
  • Our priority is to make safe and legally compliant wines that meet our responsibilities to clients.
  • Ethical, professional and personal commitment.
  • Commitment to the environment, sustainability and pollution prevention.
  • Commitment to complying with product specifications and processes set out in our management system.

This policy, which is monitored by means of system reviews and committee meetings, represents a benchmark to establish and review goals and one that must be complied with by all BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. personnel.

The General Manager and his collaborators are convinced that this is the way to go to increase the Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management Culture of all members of BODEGAS VALDEMAR S.A. staff.

Certificado BRC